Hanson Jewellery - Weddings

All of the Hanson Jewellery designs are hand-made by Tracey, using only the finest materials sourced from far and wide: France, Italy, Tibet, South-east Asia… She’s scoured the World to bring you a truly special piece of luxury. Inspired by the energy of evolving fashion trends, exotic influences seen on holiday and iconic celebrities. London-girl Tracey combines the modern with the romantic, the edgy with the elegant, to create a diverse and absolutely dazzling collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings for her valued clients. Uniquely, Hanson Bespoke also offers personalised jewellery made especially for you…

Princess Ana Bracelet
Princess Ana Earrings
Princess Ana Necklace
Princess Anastasia Bracelet
Princess Anastasia Earrings
Princess Anastasia Necklace
Princess Carmen Bracelet
Princess Carmen Earrings
Princess Carmen Necklace